Expectant mothers & Baby Clinics . . .
Osteopathy can help with pregnancy associated back pain by re-aligning the pelvis, enhancing lymphatic circulation and reducing muscle tension.  Cranial osteopathy is a delicate but powerful treatment that can help if the baby has experienced a traumatic birth or is experiencing colic, glue ear, difficulty in falling asleep amongst others. It is also good to relax mums as well. Gentle and relaxing reflexology treatments during the pregnancy, promote relaxation and enhance health prior to birth.

Baby Massage . . .
This helps to relax and boost the vitality of the baby as well as enhance the parent-baby relationship. It is suitable for all babies. A well-schooled touch can actually increase metabolic efficiency, speed the development of an infant's GI tract and lungs and reduce the muscle tension that results from exercising all those newly acquired motor skills. 
The massage is beneficial for both child and parent(s). Some of the many benefits are: 

relief from colic, wind and constipation 
helps with sleep 
helps to relax the baby 
soothes and comforts 
added communication 
stronger bonding 
strengthens the baby's bodily systems 
moisturises the skin 
and so much more.......